The Trip to The Land of The Rising Sun

This site was made to share to you about the time we went to Japan. This was a significant event in my life because ever since I was small I've wanted to go visit Japan. I have always been facinated by the Japanese culture. Japan has always seemed uniquely weird to me. With this trip I was able to explore Japan and experience their culture first hand.

Asia's Magical Wonderland

Japan gave off a different vibe from the other countries we have previously been to. The people there were very friendly. The air felt very clean and the weather was great. Japan may seem very small but it had a lot to offer. It also had a tendency to seem "weird" or "odd" in a good way. It was an awesome place to visit and it seemed like an amazing place to live in. WE would love to go back some day but let me tell you more about our trip first.

Japan had a lot of great sights to see. One of the sights worth seeing are their temples. Temples in Japan very well maintained some are small and some are very large. There are a lot of beautiful statues in these temples. There was this one temple we went to that had 6 to 8 statues most of these statues were two stories high, several were even about three stories high.

One of the best things Japan has to offer is their food. We tries many kinds of different Japanese dishes, they were all great. The street food in Japan was very clean and very delicious. I could remember that our favorite steet food to buy was the "takoyaki." We would always buy some whenever we see a stall selling them.

Last but not least, another one of the places I visited in Japan was Nara city. It was a place that had deers freely roaming the place. It is also home to many beautiful temples. In this city you would see deer casually walking among people in the dise walks, some would even use the pedestrian lines to cross the street. The city has a park where people can interact with the wild deers. This was defenitely an unforgettable experience for us.